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Daniel Bornstein: How to Navigate Landlord Tenant Law in a Complex Market

Episode 1's guest is Daniel Bornstein, a seasoned Real Estate Lawyer with 20+ years experience. The episode focuses on the relationship a lawyer plays in a complex Real Estate market like San Francisco.  Show format is Q+A based.  You may contact Daniel directly at or via his website  Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @ Joel.Skip and like the Freehold Collective on Facebook.

For the cheat sheet Daniel mentions in the interview, please go to


Zach Ross: Beginners Guide Into Real Estate Investing in the Bay Area

Todays Guest is Zachary Ross.  He has been a full-time real estate investor in the Bay Area for just the last 2 years.  I've invited him in to tell his story about how he got going quickly, discuss some of the successes he's had, and the necessary people he surrounded himself with to help enable such quick growth.  He will provide insights into the mind of a young investor that will help anyone interested in real estate investing to develop the skills necessary to succeed and have a better understanding of the pitfalls to avoid when getting going.  Zach may be reached by email if you'd like to learn more of his story:


Luxury Architecture: A glimpse into the Bay Area’s extravagant homes.

Episode 3 is a discussion about San Francisco's elite.  Venturing into some of the finest homes the city has to offer, Architect Dan Phipps sheds some light on what the most discerning clients are demanding.  Whether it be a home with 3 tiers of decks, a rooftop fully equipped with outdoor grill and built-in hot-tub, or a slate roof, nothing is off limits when budget is not the primary concern.  Though Dan would say his business focuses on higher end work, that does not mean he doesn't work with people on a budget, simply that his finishes often reflect a higher quality.  Dan runs his own company DPAWEB.  You may check out some of his impressive projects on his website or if interested in hiring him he may be reached via email at


How Politics Influence Bay Area Real Estate

Jay Cheng has a political and governmental relations background that has helped him transition into publishing stories for his own local newspaper the Bay City Beacon. His fiery personality and insight into the political landscape in San Francisco is not to be missed.  From nuns to veterans, Jay covers it all as he tells stories of how some sensitive political situations have influenced decision making as it pertains to Real Estate.